Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day #4

Well...last but not least we went to Central Park. We ended up walking around the entire place! It took forever and we were spent. I don't think that my legs have ever walked that much. It was a busy park too! We thought that maybe it was because it was a holiday.
Maybe this is why New York does not have an obesity problem. This is part of Central Park where walkers, runners, bikers, and roller bladders are free to roam. I wish I would have been prepared to run! It would have been a blast. It was really busy.
This is another squirrelly picture of me standing by one of the lakes in Central Park.
Has anyone seen Enchanted? This is the bridge! That's such a good movie.
We took a break half way. The grass was soft! Nothing like Nevada grass - if you still have some that is real.
Em and Jay laying down in Central Park.

Day #3 in NYC

I know I'm totally behind (and it's getting boring for everyone else) but I want to make sure I journal this! Some day when I'm old I might forget all of these fun moments. Before we left for New York we hunted around to find some tickets to the Yankee's game. We didn't want to pay through the nose but we didn't want to be way up top. So we found some - right in the middle. Our seats were pretty dang good for being last minute. The game was Sunday at 1 p.m. and they played the Seattle Mariners. The score was 6-5 Yankees. Jake and I are far from Yankee fans but we were for a day! It was really exciting to be in the stadium that Babe Ruth played in before they tear it down. I could only imagine the atmosphere back then. The new stadium is looking mighty nice though. 
This is a view from our seats - but the players didn't look this small in real life. My camera must be zoomed out in or something. There wasn't an empty seat in the house!
This is closer to the actual size they appeared to be from our seats. And this was the first pitch of the game. The Seattle player swung, hit the ball right in front of home plate, and was out. All in a matter of 5 seconds. 
Me, Jake, and Ray. Ray was able to come down from Connecticut to hang out for the day! Jake was so excited!
So have you seen the commercial where in the baseball huddle they are talking about what kind of gift to get someone and not talking about baseball at all? This is what I thought of! One of the best moments at the game was when the entire stadium did the wave without the help of the commentator guy. It started in a little corner and after about 5 tries it made it around the entire stadium. Then it didn't stop until the Yankees got on base! It was pretty funny!
After the game we went to Time Square and Rockefeller Center again with Ray. This is the "guy shake"!? Boys are crazy. 
Buddies that could hang out forever. We walked Ray to Grand Central Station to "see him off"!

This is on e of the entrances to Grand Central Station. This place is amazing!

This is the inside...kinda crazy to think of a grungy subway/train system having a beautiful station. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Limbardi's Pizza, Rockefeller Center, and the Brooklyn Bridge

Limbardi's Pizza is the very 1st pizza place in the United States. Very small restaurant but very busy. Pizza on the east coast is extremely different from the west coast. I think east coast pizza is an acquired taste. We ordered a small pizza and a calzone. The calzone was pretty good - not the worst I've ever eaten. The pizza was different. I'm not used to thin and crispy crust. Or better yet I'm not used to cutting my pizza with a knife where the cheese follows your knife and your fork stays with the bread!! It was different. Some like it - some don't. 
This picture is for Alex and Mandy. Look at the wine Lombardi's carries for being a small little joint! I was amazed!
Memorial Day flags in Rockefeller Center. 
Saturday was the official 125 birthday of the Brooklyn Bridge. Our bus tour guide said that there were going to be fireworks. There wasn't just a crazy light show on the bridge. It was still pretty neat.
Way blurry but I did walk the Brooklyn Bridge!
And so did Jake! - A crazy twisted Criminal Justice side note - someone could easily jump off this bridge to commit suicide and/or dispose of a body! There was only these side beams that lead over the cars and then a straight plummet to the water. We wondered how many people have done it. 
A night shot looking back toward Manhattan. 

More Pictures of day #2

World Trade Center Construction. I wasn't too impressed. Maybe I should reword that. I didn't feel the "oohhh" special moment that everyone says they feel. Maybe because we were on the back side of the memorial. Either way, right now it's still just a hole. 
Jake's love of the stock market grows further to the American Stock exchange!
They say that they don't clean the floor of the stock market until the day before - like Sunday night for Monday. They have it blocked off so you can't go up to the door but it would be pretty cool to see. Because everything is going digital or stocks are being bought and sold online the offices above the main floor are being renovated and rented out. So there is hope - you may rent a space above the main trading floor. Jake would never come home!
This is some historic church. I think it's where something was signed (I want to say the Declaration of Independence but that's not it...) either way it stuck out like a soar thumb among all of the other structures in the area. 
I thought this was pretty cool. A bit patriotic. It's off of Wall Street. I think it's another entrance to the Stock Exchange. We didn't go look we turned and went up the opposite street. 

Day #2

This post is from Jake because he has a lot of fun memories with our day #2!

In the late 80s or early 90s my parents took our family to NYC for a vacation. We went to a Met's game and of course we visited the Statue of Liberty. I remember standing in the long line waiting to get on the ferry and while on the ferry looking back and seeing the NY skyline with World Trade Centers. Back then there were no security check points and screeners. No cops or National Guards men with m-16s. All that were present were park rangers, millions of people and seagulls. I remember standing in the long line waiting to get inside the statue and climb the billion stairs to the top. I remember my younger brother crying while we were standing on the spiral staircase inside the statue. I remember looking out the windows located in the crown of Miss Liberty and my father pointing at the many boats while my mother was telling us the history of the Statue of Liberty.
This past Saturday, Emily and I went and it was a different experience. Security check points, National Guards men with m-16s, NY cops and Park Rangers wandering all over the park. The NY skyline without the Trade Centers and hardly any boats in the water. The line was fairly small and we had a guided tour inside the pedestal of the monument. Instead of climbing the billion stairs to the top it was only 156 steps to the base of the monument where were get to look up the skirt through a glass window. There was a posted sign stating the park does not intend to open the spiral staircase that leads to the top, to public again. I stood there silently thanking my parents for allowing us at such a young age to visit the statue and see the skyline from the crown. 
Looking back at Manhattan.
The Statue of Liberty - I know some pretty good random facts now!
The sad sign of closure. 
This is the original torch - it was removed and replaced with one that is covered in a fine sheet of gold.
Looking up Lady Liberty's Dress! Believe it or not but the inside steel braces is a miniature Eiffel Tower. Yes, it's designed by the builder of the tower in France.
It was extremely windy up there!

Friday, May 23, 2008

More pictures...are you bored yet?

The entrance to Columbia University. Everyone can dream right? That's Jake's reflection from the window on the side.
On the good 'ol tour bus!
UUMMM chocolate!
Get your tickets now! They're coming back!!
Just starting out at Time Square.

Jake in front of a Rush Limbaugh TV show sign in Time Square. He's a big Rush fan.
Our hotel is one block away from the Chrystler Building.
Our sad attempt to have a family picture! We look squirrelly and tired!

NYC Day 1

This is Jake waiting to get on the airplane and scamming the net!
Today was the "adjustment" day. Adjusting from a 4 1/2 hour flight of sitting and little to no sleep. Adjusting from sitting in traffic waiting to get to our hotel and having to listen to people who did get sleep, talk. Adjusting to fast moving crowds, over priced EVERYTHING, and a truly multicultural city! But it was well worth it! Today we started out walking around getting familiar with the streets and people. We bought the Hop On Hop Off bus tour tickets for 48 hours. Our tour guide got pretty annoying but on the flip side he knew his stuff. We went around Central Park, through Harlem, passed Columbia University, through Time Square, passed a bunch of famous people's apartments, and passed a ton of museums. We took some pictures but since you can't trust anyone to take your picture and return the camera, they are singles of Jake or just me. Tomorrow we'll set off to the Statue of Liberty, China Town, Lombardi's Pizza (1st pizza shop in the U.S.A.), another tour bus ride, and the Subway! I'm so excited to ride the subway, I can't contain myself. There a million things that I'm loving about New York, surprisingly I love the humidity. My skin has never felt this soft. We came at a good time too, it's only in the mid 70's. Not even cold enough to wear a jacket. So here's what we've taken so far. Oh, and I had to pay $10 to use the internet PER DAY! RIP OFF! So, I'll post more pictures later!

We're staying at the Grand Hyatt New York, this is our bed.
This is a crappy picture of the lobby. The lobby is amazing and you really can't get a good angle of everything.
This is a huge high rise that is under construction on the corner of 47th and Broadway. It reminded me of home - and no I don't miss work!
What Mormon goes out of town, passes the temple, and doesn't take a picture? 
I think this was a church. It had so much detail and it's really old that I was in aw!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Leaving On a Jet Plane

Oh yes.. we are gone! NYC or BUST! We'll post pictures soon. 

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Summer is here!

This picture is pretty blurry - but you can still make out the 88!

It's official. We turned on the air conditioning today. The highest it reached inside was 88 degrees. It's been lingering there for a couple of days. Usually at night it drops a few but last night it just seemed a bit warm. I don't think that it's going to get any cooler any time soon. I didn't think that it was that warm in the house but maybe I'm just used to it. Jake and I play this game - How Long Can You Go? We see how long we can make it into the summer until we just can take it any more. Then when winter rolls along, we see how long we can go without turning on the heater. Last winter we made it for a long time. We would turn it on if we were going to have guests over though - well, depending on who they were. Family and close friends can use a blanket! So Mandy called me to tell me that at 5:30 p.m. it was 100 degrees outside. I thought that we did pretty good going without. Maybe I've just lived in the desert too long. 

Sunday, May 11, 2008


that is to everyone

we love moms

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Okay...this is the funniest thing this year or maybe EVER! Jake is infamous for his bloody noses in the early morning or late evenings. When I got home from canoeing this afternoon, Jake had just woken up. While in the shower his nose started to bleed. So I though, "sweet the a.m. bleeding is out of the way". Boy was I wrong. We were on our way to the movies and Jake's nose started to bleed AGAIN! I had nothing in the car. I mean not even a dirty sock, used tissue, or old napkin from a fast food joint. BUT I did have a Tampon! Hahaha! I asked him if he wanted it. He said, "I need something"! So at the next stop sign we inserted it into his nasal cavity. I could not stop laughing. Luckily I had my camera! 
Shortly after he asked if I could cut the string off! hahahaha! The question is: How far would you go (or your husband) if you had a bloody nose? Mine - all the way!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Two Tags in One

Here we go...if you have time sit back and read!

1. What was the best thing you cooked last week?
- Bean and Cheese Burritos - the cheapest meal anyone could make. 
2. If time, money, and babysitting were no object, where would you go, and with who?
- I would love to go to England or some place in Europe. Wales sounds good - that's where my family is from. I would take everyone that wanted to come! - there's no rules right?
3. When was the last time you cried?
- I don't know when the last time I cried was...I think when I watched August Rush
4. List 5 things you were doing 10 years ago:
- I got my driver's license
- I had my first job working for Summer Magic.
- I had my first boyfriend.  
- It was the first and last time I cried over a boy.
- I was going to my first school dance
5. List 5 things you were doing 5 years ago:
- I changed my major again.
- I was engaged and planning my wedding.
- I was working with my dad and Bed Bath and Beyond.
- I can't think of anything else.
6. List 5 things you were doing 1 year ago:
- I was still going to school - thinking, why not double major?
- We were deciding if we still wanted to stay in Vegas.
- I was thinking about have a kid and having a million tests run on me.
- We were the Activities Leader and planned the best activities EVER! just kidding!
- I inherited another dog.
7. List 7 of your favorite hobbies:
- Scrapbooking
- Sewing
- Hiking and Camping
- Traveling
- Cleaning
- Playing the Wii
- Hanging out with friends
8. Name 5 of your favorite foods:
- Chicken
- Salads
- Corn Dogs
- Fruit
- Nilla Waffers
9. Name 5 places that you have been:
- California - all over
- Arizona - all over
- Idaho - all over
- Oregon - just a smidge
- All the states from Nevada to Indiana
10. List 5 favorite memories:
- The day Jake asked me to marry him. I wasn't expecting it and he didn't know what to do!
- Living in Reno - this carries a lot of memories! Stealing Travis' bed, filling Travis' truck with confetti, walking in on the guy bellow apt. 11 in his underwear, the guy bellow apt. 11 seeing me in my underwear, apt. 11, the green house, camping in Brian's yard, road trip to Santa Barbara, road trip to San Francisco, triple dog dares, Diana, Shanae, Heather, Beth, and Run Home Jack, and listening through the vents!
- For some reason I always get a good laugh when I remember Jeremiah Neil and I sending a Singing Gram to Derek and Sara from each other. And then them thinking it was real until later that night when Sara busted us talking about it! hahahh...those were good times!
- When Jake and I were dating we took a day trip to Arizona to see the Mesa Pageant - it was a blast! Any road trip with Jake is a riot!
- Seeing and hanging out with my nephew for the first time. He's amazing! I love him to death!

Tag #2

What time did you get up this morning? 7:00 a.m.
Diamonds or Pearls? Diamonds
Last movie you saw in the theater? Horton Hears a Who
What is your favorite TV show? Intervention, Amazing Race, or anything on Tru TV
What do you usually have for breakfast? Nutrigrain bar and a piece of fruit
What is your middle Name? Nicole
What food do you dislike? Liver and Onions and nuts because they'll kill me!
What kind of car do you drive? Honda Civic
Favorite sandwich? Grilled Cheese
What characteristics to you despise? Those that aren't open minded and think they know it all
Favorite item of clothing? Bra - it holds my jugs well! 
What color is your bathroom? Tan
Where would you like to retire? Lake Tahoe - both beach and mountains
Most memorable birthday? I guess the last one. 
Favorite sport to watch? Any if you're there. 
Are you a morning or night person? Morning
What is your shoe size? 5
Pets? Dogs
What did you want to be when you were little? Doctor
What are you today? Dispatcher and student - soon to be a Criminologist
What is your favorite candy? Snickers
Your favorite flower? Hydrangea
What is a day on the calendar you are looking forward to? May 22 - vacation!
What are you listening to right now? The Investigators on Tru TV
What was the last thing you ate? An Orange
Do you wish on stars? No - you can't see any here
What faith are you? LDS
If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Green
What is your biggest pet peeve? I can't think of one now but I know I have one!
Who was the last person you spoke with on the phone? Steve Cox - from work.
Favorite soft drink? Sunkist
Favorite Restaurant? Olive Garden
Hair Color? Brown
Name your favorite school teacher? Zadrowski - CRJ teacher
Favorite day of the year? First day of spring
Summer or winter? Summer
Hugs or kisses? Hugs
Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate
What is under your bed? Nothing
Who is the friend you've had the longest? Closest friend - Sara
What did you do last night? Went to the gym, ran errands, made dinner, watched TV
Favorite smell? a clean house
What are you afraid of? nothing really.
How many keys on your key ring? 3
How many years at your current job? 4.5 too many!! just kidding!
Favorite day of the week? Saturday
How many towns have you lived in? 4
Do you make friends easily? Sometimes. Usually no. 

That's it folks!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Bike Race 2008

So have you ever thought it would be a good idea to not work out for weeks and then get on a bike and ride 10.9 miles up and down hills? I would strongly urge you to at least hit the gym once before you try it. However, if it's Corporate Challenge AND it only happens once a year AND you've done it before...Heck, why not?! So we rounded up the crew and this is what our conference room turned out to look like:
I think there was more money in bikes here that if the building caught on fire - these would be more important then anything else! Especially my boss's bike (some people buy cars- he bought a bike of equal value)! These bikes are from his collection.
This little Betsy only failed me twice. The chain came off because I tried to shift too fast and there was no recovery but a lesson well learned. A funny side note: there is a timer and distance counter on it and I thought the race was 12 miles, so at mile 10 I said to some strange girl that was riding next to me, "only 2 more to go!" Then we turned the corner and finished!! So much for the 2 more! Hope she didn't think I was trying to fool her!

This is Jaimie on Harry's bike. Yep, Harry rode this for 10.9 miles straight and didn't stop. He rode it last year and at the finish they were all clapping for him. He actually does really well! And no, you can't go buy this in the store - he built (or pieced) it from scratch himself. Jaimie kicked trash and took 1st in her age group! 

This is me finally home for the night. I would take a picture in my killer spandex padded shorts but that would hurt your eyes! Spandex expands!! I took 4th in my age group (probably out of 4 but they don't tell you that!)