Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009

Fairwell 2009!
You were loved.

I always love the beginning of a new year. I love the fresh start, new adventures, and "resolutions".

I was reading a newsletter from our health insurance the other day and it stated "having resolutions can be stressful"! I thought that was pretty funny because sometimes it's true! They suggested that instead of having a resolution and cutting your bad habbit cold turkey, only to relaps a week later, you should have "switcheroos". This means change bad habbits slowly. For example, if someone cuts you off while driving you would traditionally give them the old finger (or fist). Instead, grit your teeth together and smile at them! Slowly but surely your jaw will losen and your future responses will be a friendly smile. That is what the experts say.

I will have to think of some reasonable "switcheroos".

I always start the traditional New Year's Resolution list:
Work out more
Eat healthier
Save more
Spend less

But those get boring. So I'm going to try and spice things up! Here we go:

I'm going to take adavantage of my cook books. I would like to try a new recipe weekly but realisticly I'll aim for monthly.

I would love to finish this blanket I'm making and start a new one.

I plan to print all of my pictures and put them at least in a photo album ~ just in case my computer crashes. I would also love to update my scrapbook.

Travel more for less money. High end trips are nice but camp outs are a blast! We are in a prime location for so many places to adventure to.

Read more often. I'm just catching on the the reading craze ~ slowly.

Journal more then twice a month. I've had the same journal now for two years and an empty one on the shelf waiting.

So . . . that's my start. Who knows how far I'll get.

Gladly welcoming 2010!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chilly Willy

It's cold.

It's 11 degrees outside right now but they say it feels like -4.

I'm not complaining but snow would make it feel a little more wonderful.