Thursday, March 31, 2011

March was Madness

So it started pretty tame. Well if you call a ton of snow tame. Although it was pretty much melted by the next day.

A benefits of working at the station:
if your car is buried you will get a ride to work.

We drove to the Tri-Cities for Jake's dad's birthday! Enjoyed the family time and whisked back home.

We went to the last couple of basketball games here. Basketball soon turned into this non-stop, based our lives around it, craziness!
The student section . . . always great entertainment during the game.
Klay Thompson. He's our star player and might be drafted to the NBA.
The WSU Cougars didn't make it to the NCAA, which I'm thinking is okay because they would have lost in the first round. They did make it into the NIT tournament (aka Losers Bracket). We went to the first three games and it was pretty exciting. Then they went to NYC and blew it. Royally. We played Wichita State, which just so happens to be where my sister lives. I guess I could have cheered for either team. WSU was taken to the cleaners and couldn't recover.

We had the NCAA games on non-stop. We usually have dinner on Sunday with Jason and Andrea. So much for turning off the t.v. This is what it was like during our dinners in March . . .
The Brashear Family fills out brackets every year. This year not one of us had a team in the final four! That's pretty bad for 7 brackets (not everyone filled one out this year).

Sometimes we like to purposely watch movies with animals in it just so we can watch our dog watch the movie. I'm pretty sure the dog was talking to her.

Our dogs were invited to a dog party. It was formal and they were given pearls and bow ties to wear. This is another sign people should have kids.
And if we lose all hope in finding a job when Jake graduates . . .
he and Belle can join the circus!

We ended the month on a rather interesting note. Jake was notified that his birth father passed away and he was the only next of kin they could contact. Jake is child #8 of possibly 15+ (we don't have an exact count yet). Jake had never contacted his birth dad but knew where he lived. The doctor did contact one ex wife and as far as she knew he didn't have any other family. Well it was a bit of a surprise to her to find out he had a big family. In the end we added two more kids to the list! As of right now Jake's youngest sister is 15 and we're hoping she's the baby of the family.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

WSU Basketball

We've managed to keep our Thursday nights busy by attending the WSU Basketball games. They were a lot of fun and was even better when we won!

These were from the Stanford vs. WSU game.
The Cougars always kept it close.
And as usual, we lost!
We coug'd it!!
(a term used frequently meaning we do so good and then blow it at the end)

We went to all the games with our friends, Jason and Andrea.
One game Jason bought our tickets and we got a good laugh when we found out we were in row II. He thought it was roman numeral 2! Although, there really isn't a bad seat in the house.

Our photographer (Andrea) couldn't seem to focus!

So I guess now that we've become "professional" college basketball analyzers we can move on to the baseball season.

Go Cougs!