Friday, January 21, 2011


We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary this month. It was by far the best mini vacation we've had. We had so much fun! We stayed at a lodge a couple of minutes away from the top of the mountain. The room included a jacuzzi tub! The people were super nice and the food there was awesome!
This is our bed.
The rooms weren't huge but perfect for the two of us!
I'm getting ready to leave for breakfast and then off to the mountain!
Jake is waiting for breakfast.
The food was made fresh and didn't sit under a heat lamp!
Jake tubing!
We had a blast on the tube run.
At the top.
A trip to the mountain would not be complete without snowboarding.
Sadly this is my only picture!
On my second run down I took the lift with less people on it.
It turns out it was to the top.

We stuck to our traditional Applebee's for dinner. It was where we had our first date. We go there every year. We can sit, talk for hours, and people watch! The appetizer was amazing, our main course was pretty good, and the dessert topped off a great night. Although I have to say the best part about this year was our entire bill was comped. Good food. Good times. Good company. No charge (except a fat tip).

I always think it is fun to see where the "world" thinks your marriage should be at. There are articles about "the 7 year itch", "will it last", and "love 'em or leave 'em". I was shocked at how negative people view marriage. I felt bad for people that didn't have what I have. A happy healthy marriage. So after skimming through some different links I found this. If you don't want to read it there are five things to rate yourselves on. Date night (check), financial status (check - we're getting there), in-law involvements (check - thank goodness for amazing in-laws on both sides), recreational activities (check), and sex life (check - TMI right?!).

Then I look up articles on about marriage. There is a great talk from Russell M. Nelson on Nurturing Marriage. Click here. I loved it. It leaves you at peace (especially reading all the negative worldly advice). It also gives great advice but more on a spiritual end on nurturing a marriage.

Eternity doesn't sound so bad.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Good bye Gus Gus

A new obsession began this winter. The field mice have become braver and ventured to new territory, right outside of our back sliding door. I think one little mouse, named Gus Gus, enjoys teasing the dogs stuck behind the glass door. They will sit for hours waiting for Gus Gus to appear. When we let them out they will sniff everywhere looking to find him.
being teased
He looks like a ball of fuzz.
The other morning after the dogs had gone out and come back in. Jake heard Sage growling in the bedroom. So he went in and told them to knock it off. They all ran away. So he flipped the light on to see what they were growling about and Gus Gus was lifeless on the bedroom floor! Apparently the mice will tunnel through the snow and the dogs can hear them. They will pounce on the snow in hopes to catch them. It grosses me out so much. The other day Belle tossed one in the air! I tried to save it but he was gone.

This is the only reason I can't wait for spring!