Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To sell or not to sell?

That is the question.
Jake and I have been debating back and forth to sell our property or to keep it. I'm for it and some days he's against it. It's not the best time to sell but you just never know. We've gotten calls in the past and we just laughed. Now I'm thinking we should take them more seriously. Here's the history. We bought it thinking that we were going to end up in Arizona. We would build and life would be good. We have 38 acres. The back of the property borders BLM and some Arizona State Trust. It reminds me of Cedar City, Utah. There are two rolling hills that run through it. Our neighbors have started to develop so dragging power out wouldn't be so costly. Now that life has changed courses for us, we're not sure we'll use it to it's fullest capacity. BUT maybe someday we will.

If we keep it, it may gain more value. We may even one day end up in Arizona. 

If we sell it we could purchase land up here and build.

Oh the decisions to make as a grown up. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What's New?

Let's see . . . we began tilling the garden by hand until Jake's dad can fix the other tiller.

I look half asleep.

Jake is a better digger then I am.
Then one day I actually got to see the fog "roll" in. It was pretty cool.

It's hard to actually take a picture of fog but usually you can see the pine trees behind the neighbors house.

This is the sun. I know, you're not supposed to look into the sun . . . but it wasn't even bright!
The view of the city at night.

Life is good.