Tuesday, January 29, 2008

President Hinckley

Jake and I sat and watched a couple of videos last night on the life of President Hinckley. There's not much more to say then, "He's a person to strive to be like". I read his book Go Forward with Faith a couple of years back and thoroughly enjoyed it. It gave me insight about how prophets are men too. They have faults and trials just like everyone else. I love learning about their history. I also like to see transition in the church from one bishop to another or when a new Relief Society President is called. It is interesting to see how the world reacted to the Pope's death and then to watch their reaction of the Prophet's death. There wasn't much media attention on the issue especially compared to the Pope. I remember the long waiting period between the death of the Pope and finding out who the new one was going to be. I enjoy knowing that our transition is swift and smooth. There isn't much guessing on when someone will be chosen to lead the church. I couldn't say it better then my sister-in-law did. Check out her blog (Brian & Paige link from my site) - she's an amazing blogger!

Friday, January 18, 2008

4 Years!

Yesterday Jake and I celebrated our 4th year of being married! According to the "Universal Timeline" within 5 years we should have:

1) bought a house
2) had two kids
3) both graduated and be well established in a career
4) be debt free and investing
5) be driving luxury vehicles
what we really have done is:

1) realized that we don't want to live in Las Vegas much longer and we're grateful we didn't buy a house
2) have been going through the process of trying to have kids - I have to make an appointment still & the chance of being put on drugs and having twins is greater. (That will catch us up on that statistic!)
3) I'm graduating in the summer & Jake has settled into his major
4) We're on our way to being debt free!
5) A Honda Civic is much more luxurious then a beater car!

I'm not really sure the "Universal Timeline" is anywhere near accurate but it's fun to see where we "should" stand. Actually I think we got a bigger kick out of it then anything else. On the flip side we have learned a lot about each other and how to make it work. We've experienced a lot through friends and family drama. And I'm pretty sure we would have split if we didn't have the gospel in our lives. Being sealed for all time and eternity puts everything into perspective. As long as we are continually progressing in this life it will make the next life much easier. Of all the arguments and discussions that we have had, I'm pretty lucky to have a wonderful husband.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Night Tubing

The problem with night tubing is that you can't take pictures! To say the least...not many turned out. Some of the ones that did are here! We had a blast! We ate, drank hot chocolate, and tubed. It was pretty freaky going down at night not being able to see.

Self portraits!! Yikes!

Cheryl grilling up some mean
burgers & yes she is wearing
a sanitary glove

This is the hill. The little light
at the top is a torch. We had
one at the bottom and one at
the top.


Sean, Cheryl, and Harry getting ready to go!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Deer Jerky Time!

This is the begining stage. We had to cut all of the tendons off first. Then we were able to slice it into pieces. We seperated out stew meat and jerky meat.

There was a big slab of meat that was pretty bloody!

After the meat was cut Jake and I took it home and marinated it over night. When we woke up the house smelt gross!! We put it on the dehydrator early that morning and by time I got home from work it was done and waiting to be eaten! It turned out really good! Poppy's Famous Jerky is a keeper!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

time flies when your having fun!

There are 12 days left until school starts. It seems that we've been more busy during this break then we are during school. Tonight Jake and I are heading over to my dad's to make deer jerky! I'm really excited! Then Friday a group of us are going up to Mt. Charleston to go night tubing. On Saturday, some friends of ours are hosting a "Murder" party. That should be super fun! On Sunday we have church and then we're going out to lunch for my dad's birthday. Then back to work on Monday. That following week we'll buy books, visit mom, and squeeze in some sister time! As for everything else...the weather is great, life is good, and everyone is healthy!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Late Christmas Pictures

I totally forgot to display our fabulous Christmas tree this year! Every year the same question is asked, should we get a real tree or a fake one? I grew up with nothing but real trees. Jake grew up with the same old boring fake one. I am dead set on real. He is dead set on fake. Not only do I want a real one, I want one that I picked out from the middle of nowhere and cut down myself! So we came to an agreement. Until we have children and they are 7 we will purchase real trees. This gives Jake at least 8 years before we haul the family up the mountain and hack one down ourselves!! Then when we are old and all of the kids are out on their own, we'll dip in and purchase a fake one. This way our children will have the wonderful opportunity to see a 7 ft. tree turn into a 4 ft nub. They will be able to hear their dad swear during this wonderful season because the trunk is too big to fit in the stand (then causing more cutting). They will be able to fill it up with water to have the dog drink out of it. They will be able to step on pine needles, vacuum them up, and smell them 3 months after Christmas has past! Last but not least they will ruin multiple shirts from the sticky sap! Oh the wonderful memories that shall come (AGAIN!!).  So...here was this years tree! The stocking and kissing dogs were randomly put there to keep away from the dogs... I guess we never moved them after that!

The dogs did get one toy this year from the Taylor's and surprisingly they took turns opening it!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Changes in 2008

I'm not a fan of New Year Resolutions - just for the fact that if you really want to change something you won't wait until January 1st to do it. BUT Jake and I decided to make a couple of changes for this coming year.

1st - Save, save, save!!
2nd - We'll be loosing weight!! (Jake - 50+) (Emily - 10+)
3rd - Straight A's!! It's an official competition between the two of us!
4th - Attend church EVERY Sunday!...we don't have kids...what can I say!?
5th - Move from Las Vegas! 

Those are a couple that we have been continually talking about. On June 1st we'll come up with a couple of more goals to keep us plugging on through the year.  

Snow Day!!

To start off the year, Jake and I went to Mt. Charleston with the dogs to play in the snow! The dogs get really excited to go pretty much anywhere but they were extra excited to play in the snow. However, the fact that they all rolled in it threw both of us off! We only spent a little while up there but it was a great way to spend a day off. AND once again my date is off on my camera...I should really get that fixed!