Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hiking Kamiak Butte

Two weekends in a row we hiked Kamiak Butte. It a very pretty hike. One weekend Jake and I just went by ourselves. The next weekend we went with a group of friends.
heading to the top

a view of the wheat fields

almost there
jake, garret, valerie, jaimie, nayt, and bronx the dog
the trail runs along side of the mountain so there is a nice panoramic view along the way

jake at the top of the main hike. there is a summit where you can go to the very top.

at the top of the summit.
nayt, bronx, jaimie, valerie, garret, and jake

2010 and 1/2

2010 is pretty much half way done. I was looking back at some of my goals for this year and I've done fairly well.  For my traditional goals: I work out more, eat healthier, and spend less. I haven't saved all too much but there is still six more months to start that.

As far as the other realistically fun ones:

We've found a couple of recipes we really enjoyed. We've tried new things (well new to us) like Spaghetti Squash, homemade Sweet and Sour Chicken, Italian Rolls, and homemade tortillas. All in all I've kept up with a new recipe monthly.

I have not finished the blanket that I've been working on for years. I did get passed the halfway mark. It's going to be the biggest blanket in our house.

I started printing out my pictures that are stored in my computer. I'm even scrapbooking them as I go. The pictures I don't use I'll store in a photo album.

This next weekend will be our official first camping trip. The weather up here comes and goes. Just yesterday Jake said to me, "who would of thought we would still be wearing sweaters in June". It's been pretty cold the last couple of days and on the nice days we've already had stuff planned.

We've been reading a lot more. I've read about 7 or 8 books. That's a little more then one a month. Not too shabby.

And finally I finished the journal that I had for two years. I've started another one that will probably take just as long!

So far 2010 and 1/2 has turned out pretty good. I feel half accomplished.