Monday, November 30, 2009


We're Thankful For . . . (in no particular order)

Working vehicles
Winco's cheap good food
Wheat Warmers
Pumpkin pie
Family games (especially when I beat Jake!)
Visiting Teaching
Families can be together forever
The dog park
Morning scripture studies
Uncle Bob
Coupons (now we just need to learn to use them!)
Modern technology (internet, cell phones, digital cameras)
Winter clothes
Buster, Belle, and Sage
My professors
Road trips
My mom teaching me how to crochet
All my birthday wishes and gifts
Modern medicine
Family and Friends
Being alive
Good books
Education (spiritual and temporal)
Indoor plumbing (especially on cold windy days)
Dyson vacuums
A clean house
Heavenly Father
Wholesome family movies by Pixar and Disney
The restoration of the gospel
The Holy Ghost
Family Home Evenings
Being PHAT
Jacob and his willingness to do the Thankful Tree
Living prophets and apostles and their counsel
A well paying job in Pullman, Washington
The Gospel

Sunday, November 29, 2009


We love snow. It's just a white blanket of goodness! We've been blessed with it twice this year and we can't wait until it stays for the season. The last time I measured 5.5 inches in our yard. Yipee!

On a side note: Remember when Sage thought she was a cat? We thought that passed.

Until we found her on the window sill.

Birthday #28

My birthday was pretty low key this year but it didn't get unnoticed. I can't believe I'm 28! That seems so old! I've been asked if I felt 28. The truth is I don't. I've worked or have been surrounded by youth since High School. I feel like I'm still part of the young crowd. Hopefully I feel that way when I'm in my 30's!

So here goes the pictures. Here I am with my cake:

Jake and I have this thing with giving gifts. Maybe I explained it before. We'll get a gift for each other that is from the dogs. The catch is it's really something the other person wanted. Buster was watching me open my gift (from him).

It was WSU pajamas. Jake has been trying to get me to get a WSU shirt since we got here. I keep refusing, I'm a Rebel not a Cougar. Thanks Buster.

Lately on Sunday we play board games. Okay we only play Monopoly. My sister had bought us an American Edition one year. This year it was the Monopoly Champion Edition. It came with a trophy. We're so competitive we needed a trophy! We got a good laugh. This was from the dogs too! Haha we're lame.

I'm very grateful for all my gifts. I received some pretty neat stuff like books (real books and sewing books), my dad's journals, an awesome tea cup, money, candy, crafty stuff, and movies. I received a ton of birthday wishes and appreciated them all. Here's to another year!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Month in Review . .

Let's see . . . what have we been doing? Hmm not much of anything of importance or fun.
Except . . .

This was before work. Jake snapped my picture. Really close!
and then far away. one extreme or the other, I guess.
When Sage sleeps her tongue hangs out. On this day it was really far!
In the early mornings we think it's funny to mess with the dogs. On this particular day we stuffed Sage in the WinCo bag. She didn't move or anything. It was like she really wanted to go with us shopping. Move over Paris Hilton's rat dog.
We have this amazing Pizza book and just so happened to have the ingredients for a true Chicago Deep Dish Pizza.
And here I am in action! I wish I could say I learned my skills from my days at Pizza Hut but they use frozen pre-sized crust.
So everyone thought his picture was pretty sad . . .
it only gets worse.
We save our weekends for Scrabble and Whitetailopoly.
And we are in a PRIME location for checking out the stars, moon, and planets. This is totally nerdy but we loved tracking Jupiter and it's moons. It was super cool. One night we saw 3 of Jupiter's moons. Jake thinks 4 but 3 for sure.