Wednesday, March 26, 2008

All you can do is laugh!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you cut off a pony tail? Well at our house...we found out! I was cooking dinner and Jake came up behind me and asked, "what would you do if I cut off your pony tail?" I said, "between you and Derek (a guy I work with) it's bound to happen one of these days." Then there was a pause. Then SNIP!! He really cut off my pony tail. We both started laughing so hard! It was funny! For those that know me, know I'm not really into my hair. I'm too cheap to pay more then $20 for a cut and that's IF I can't sucker a friend to do it for free (experienced or not). And no I didn't cry. It's just hair and it will grow back. But there was one problem. I had a mullet!! I'm not into hair but I'm into it enough not to have a mullet! Monday was supposed to be a tight schedule. Come home from work, eat dinner, go weigh Jake in for the Biggest Loser, hit the library and write my midterm paper. Now we had to throw in a hair cut! Shannon was able to fix my hair temporarily until Nicole (a licensed hair lady) does it on Saturday. Not that you can even tell that someone professional didn't do it! I hope everyone learns from these pictures what happens when you cut off a pony tail! Remember the hair closest to the band is going to be the shortest!! Thank you Jacob!
This is an amazing flashback to the 80's.
My sad attempt to pull my hair back! When we went to weigh Jake in for the biggest loser i put on his hat and he looked at me and said, "hey! what am I going to do about my hat hair?" I just started laughing and said, "you cut off my pony tail and you're worried about your HAT HAIR!" Oh we got a good laugh out of that!
A scraggly late night picture for the blog!
and the back! I must admit that it's easy to do, it uses less shampoo and conditioner, and it's not going to be hot this summer! In Jake's semi defense there was a point that I wanted to cut off all of my hair but I didn't because I was too chicken. 

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pine Creek (Red Rock) and Rolling Eggs!

This morning we went with Jaimie and Josh Mills to Red Rock to explore a new hike. We ventured to Pine Creek where the water was flowing and the trail was unclear. Although there was a sign posted that said "Wilderness". I'm glad it was clarified but last I checked...the entire park is in the wilderness! We got a good laugh out of it. 
Jake was the first to step in the water and get wet. It wasn't freezing but still a little chilly!
I got a little sun too! I ended up with a little burn on my neck and pink arms! Yeah...summer is coming!
Some lady and her husband had stopped to eat near the top of the semi-marked trail. They were different. They asked if we had any "biddle" or something like that. Jake thought she asked for a fiddle. Either way, we had no clue what she was talking about. We asked her to snap our picture and as it turns out she cut off Jake's head! (and I'm sticking out my gut because I was falling backwards!)
Oh and the fun doesn't stop there! Later this evening we ate dinner, watched a movie, colored eggs, and then rolled them? Rolling eggs is definitely a Utah thing. I heard Shanae (old roommate) her family doing this. A guy at work mentioned he was going to do it this weekend. Then Jaimie asked me if we did it. I guess Josh's family does. So...we gave it a try! We drove to the park and the hill was lame. So we drove to a construction site and rolled eggs Vegas style! On a bumpy mound of dirt. I guess you're supposed to do it on a hill that you can watch them break. Jake is the law abiding citizen that continually reminded me in the car that according to the NRS trespassing IS against the law and we were going to get fined by the police! He stood at the bottom of the hill and was the photographer! If you look hard enough you can see Jaime, Me, and Josh. Then the remains along with a broken beer bottle!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dog or Cat?

So I'm not sure if we adopted a dog or cat at this point? I'm getting ready for bed this evening and I came out of the closet to find this... 
Sage in the SINK!!
All I could do is yell for Jake so I would have a witness of what was happening. I was sure nobody would believe me. But as soon as she hears footsteps...

she is up and ready to jump down! I've never owned a cat but I know they have the jumping and climbing capabilities, maybe Sage inherited some somewhere? She gets up there by jumping on the bath tub ledge to the sink, walks across, circles, and then sits! Amazing. (and no I didn't let her stay up there!)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Going, going, gone!

It just happend so quickly! Jake and I had talked about selling our truck often and never really dismissed the idea. We figured that once we had a kid we wouldn't be able to fit a car seat in the extra cab. So when I looked out the window at work, I saw this guy (he works in the offices above us - so he's not a complete stranger) looking around my truck. I brushed it off until about 5 minutes later when he came in and asked me if I would sell him the truck. I told him that we had thought about it but I'll ask Jake. Jake and I decided that it would free us up on a payment and insurance. We car pool about 98% of the time anyway. So hey why not! Evidentaly his son has been looking all over for that style and in good condition. We called Toyota Financial got the payoff amount, paid the payoff, and requested the title. Now we are just waiting to recieve it. This family was in a pinch with car pooling, so we decided to turn the truck over to them today. When we receive the title we'll receive the final payment. It was a very sad moment for Jake. This was his baby. It was a 2004, white, Toyota Tacoma Extra Cab with the offroad package, and only had about 30 miles on it when we bought it and 31,000 when we sold it. We had it for 4 years and it was almost in perfect condition. Give it a bed liner and a good buff and it would have been perfect. The kid was so excited that it was a happy-sad moment for us. So on our way home today I decided to tell Jake all of the things I did wrong in the truck. I would drive it in the wrong gear on accident. I didn't put the emergency break on and as the garage door was shuting the truck would rolling back and the garage door came down on top of it! I hit the curb when I was delivering pizzas. He just shook his head. I'm sure when we get rid of the car he'll have plenty of stories to get me back! Either way, this all happend so fast that we haven't felt the effects yet. Back to carpooling and saving money. At least I'll be to work on time!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Must haves...

I was thinking the other day of the great inventions that I'm truly grateful for. One is the Dyson vacuum. This thing has saved our lives numerous times. It cleans the carpet so well it looks and feels like it was just washed. Plus it picks all of the little crap Sage brings in from the backyard!

The second is my Pampered Chef Large Stoneware Bar Pan. If you don't have one of these you have to get it. You can cook anything on this! I cooked chicken one night and afraid to use it again for cookies but I did and you could not even tell the difference. Plus On top of that, it takes a lot to burn something on this! On a side note - mine cracked and it's still under warrantee - so they sent me a brand new one!
Another amazing invention was the S.O.S. pad. I was cleaning my range on the stove and I probably scrubbed for a good hour and nothing was happening. I though there had to be some chemical under the cabinet and then I remembered Jake used S.O.S. pads one time. I found a big box and BAM my stove was sparkling in no time!
Lastly, because I sit in front of a computer at work all day, I'm not one to go home and jump right on the computer. I do use one at school to type in my notes but other then that, I normally take care of my internet business at work (on breaks of corse)! I think I've gotten to the point though where my life lives inside of this little computer. It has my banking, my school work, my schedules, my music, and my pictures all inside. I now rely on this puppy to work. Although I don't have to worry much because the people at the Mac Store are amazing! The products are amazing and I haven't met one person that used it and disliked it. It doesn't have spyware, or spyware for your spyware, and I don't have to have the Norton Virus installed. In fact our home computer has ONE cord. ONE. you plug it in the wall and that's it! It doesn't have an ugly tower. It's just down right amazing. My favorite feature is the spaces. I can have a million things going on and Jake wants to jump on really fast...I just open a new space (it's like a brand new desk top without all of your stuff)!!
These are some amazing inventions! Now that I officially sound and feel like a sales representative, I'm going to bed!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Life, Family, and more School

Often times I feel that I sit down to start a new posting and I'm speechless. I can't decide to write on an particular event (if any actually happened at all)! Because we're blogging more for journal purposes than bragging rights, I should probably just write. Any update is better then no update, right?

Last weekend was so nice, weather wise, that I couldn't handle being inside. I got up Saturday morning, finished watching Intervention, got dressed and went for my official first run in the Spring! I ran 2 miles and I couldn't stop thinking of all the things that needed to get done around the house, so i headed home. We cleaned, gave the dog a hair cut, played catch in the park, took the dogs to the dog park, ate dinner with some friends, and walked through the shops in Town Square. Not one lick of homework was done. I must say it was rather enjoyable. Sunday was filled with church, homework, and lots of sleep!

Even if you don't live in Las Vegas, you probably have heard of the malpractice issues at the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada. If not, long story short is - they were reusing syringes to administer medications. Thus possibly spreading Hepatitis B, C, and possibly HIV to over 40,000 people. It's very rare to talk about current cases in my Criminal Justice classes (due to the client confidentiality - many of my teachers are lawyers, attorney generals, chief probation officers, etc.) but because this is so huge, it's hard to ignore it. Jake's business teachers even mentioned that it's a great business to be in if you are a lawyer right now! It's pretty sad to think of it that way but it's true. However, more ironically, it's rare to know someone that is effected by such an issue. Unfortunately, we do. My Aunt Pat (mom's sister) could be a not-so-lucky candidate to be re-tested. It sure is a different feeling to a case when you know someone on a personal level or who is related. I guess until we hear news that she needs to be re-tested, we live life and enjoy it to its fullest.

2 Weeks until Spring Break! Between now and then...we have tests, papers, and multiple books to read! Nothing has changed!