Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Here's a preview of our life the last two months in reverse order-ish.

I decided to create a Grinch costume.
The idea stemmed from a conversation with a co-worker and our work Christmas party.
I didn't have much time but I was determined.
I found this fabric online which turned out to be perfect!
After ten days we had this!
Dan is a Sgt. at work and is amazing!
The kids loved him and secretly I think he loved it.
The makeup was perfect in person. In the photos it was a bit dark.
Our family Christmas photo.
The party was a blast . . . until the cops showed up!
Then we received a great gift of the Wonder Wash!
It really works!
It's a portable hand clothes washer.
During Thanksgiving I decided to make homemade cranberry sauce.
It was super easy and pretty tasty.
I was stirring the berries as they were popping.
Jake's arial view of the rolls, gravy, vegetables, cranberries, potatoes, and pie.
Jake and his dad went to the WSU vs. Arizona game.
Good thing WSU won this one.
Apparently a good enough game to storm the field.
For Thanksgiving fun gifts I made turkeys.
Glue on the eyes.
Glue face on to Tootsie Pop.
Attach fake maple leaves.
Cut out nose and gobbles.
Glue them all together.
I ripped this idea off Pinterest. I liked mine multi colors.
And I turned 30!
It's been super busy and a ton of fun!
I got these cool flowers!
And a package filled with gifts that I couldn't wait to open until I got home.
Then I got more gifts after work!
Yes, the Princess Bride was on my list this year!
I wanted to make this cake, which I got.
I also ripped this idea off of Pinterest.
I replaced the M&M's with Reeses.

And now we're back to my last post.
We've been really busy some how.
And it's been really fun.
I just wish it would snow already!