Sunday, March 28, 2010

Campus on the Run

Campus on the Run is a race that WSU puts on every year and the proceeds go to local charities. This year Jake participated in this gruling 5k. I opted out. He and his buddies have been preparing for it. For this being his first 5k he didn't do so bad, especially considering there were quite a few avid runners in the race. We were pretty impressed he placed 221st out of 459.
I was in charge of cheering and photos. I did pretty well at the cheering but not so well on the photos. I actually forgot I had the camera until it was almost too late. Of the 4 pictures I took these two were the best.
Next year the goal is to place closer to a friend of ours name Brian. He placed 20th.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

addictions . . .

We really shouldn't be addicted to things.
But not all addictions are bad, right?
The Amazing Race. It really is amazing.
Cadbury Eggs.
Vegetable Quesadillas. I can't stop thinking about them.
Homemade dehydrated fruit.
Reading the obituaries. I don't even know anyone here!?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Busy weekend!

Sometimes it's nice to have a busy weekend. A fun weekend. Our adventures started on Friday.

After class, Jake and I ran around and did some errands and then I was off to Spokane with some friends. We did some much needed Costco shopping and canning. At Costco we manage to lose our driver, fill up on free samples and polish dogs, fill the cart, and fill up the car with gas all in a record time. At the cannery I managed to "fling" sugar everywhere. Not on purpose! I thought the lid was on the can when I went to seal it. It wasn't. The can spun at what seemed like Mach three, full with sugar. Everyone just stopped and looked at me. Then we took a small time out of our smooth running assembly line to clean. Overall we had a blast and the hour and 15 minute drive up went so fast. We even had a good scare on our way home as we watched two vehicles directly in front of us nearly hit each other head on at 65 mph! That always wakes everyone up!

Late Friday evenings our house is the hot spot for movie night. Jake's coworker always has the latest and greatest hits available. Sometimes they are not so great and everyone starts adding their own commentary. We watched 2012. I'm not sure what I was expecting but I thought it was rather lame.

Saturday morning we met up with some friends to go for a run. Jake has been running this 5K for a couple of weeks and so I thought I would give it a try. I thought "this should be cake". Until I realized we live in a valley of hills. I'm not talking about gradual incline. I'm talking about a straight up run and then straight down and then up, down, up, down. I think there are two stretches of flatness. They total 0.2 miles. I did well but not as well as I could. I might be ready to run this beast perfectly by race day.

Saturday afternoon we went to the baseball game. WSU was playing Utah Utes. WSU might totally suck at football, can hold their own at basketball, but ROCKS in baseball. I know it's early in the season but they are 9-0. They didn't slaughter the Utes but made quite the dent in the score board (10-4).


Saturday evening was the main event. We car pooled over to the Beasley Event Center and watched a once in a life time event. WWE Smack Down: Road to Wrestlemania. It was so stinkin' funny to watch! It was the most pathetic acting ever. I have to admit it was fun to yell and boo the wrestlers. There is this one wrestler that did some cool flips and swings and jumps. At one point I was told I had to put my camera away because they thought I was recording the show. Seriously? Why would I record WWE? During a break Jake talked to the ushers about the camera. I was then given the okay. I didn't think I took a lot of pictures but when we got home I had taken 66! hahaha there were just a lot of good action shots! What am I going to do with 66 WWE pictures!

And today starts Sunday . . . hmm what to do . . .