Friday, December 26, 2008

We're Here...

We did make it in two days. Day one we stopped in Salt Lake City, slept, and then picked up the next day. The worst was between Cedar City and Salt Lake but it wasn't to terribly bad. Saturday was a very long day of driving well under the speed limit. I was going crazy. But then again I wasn't pulling a trailer on icy roads like Jake. So we got here late Saturday. The dogs love the snow. They will burry themselves or tunnel a path in the back yard. Hence the pictures!

This is Sage covered in snow and Belle starting to tunnel. 
This is a cool icicle outside of our bedroom window. We can't reach it to break it off. 
This is Buster and I (with Buster's bear) relaxing and surfing the net! So for the most part, we are loving Washington and the cold. And I got a camera!! YaHOO! So we'll be able to post the amazing city!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Time Has Come is officially over. I will probably go through withdraws in about 3 weeks. When I realize I can pick up a normal book that doesn't speak about serial killers, sex offenders, fetishes, or prostitution, I might go into shock. So now what? Well, since Jake and I plan, re-plan, re-plan some more, we've finally made another plan. It goes likes this...
We'll be heading up to Washington state. 
We turned down Corvallis, Oregon and Eugene, Oregon after my dad passed away. We'll be in Kennewick, Washington which is very close to Jake's family and the Columbia River! Our big journey will happen this coming Friday, December 19th. This way we'll be able to spend Christmas with the Brashears!
2. I'll be applying to the FBI.

I already applied for the Portland, Oregon area but because I'm not living there I have to apply where I'm living. I'll start this process after the holidays.
3. In my new spare time I will be using my new Bernina!
I'm super excited to get this thing out of the box!! This isn't my model but it gives you an idea of what a Bernina is and what it can do! I can't wait to hook it up to my computer too! Oh how the fun will begin!
4. Get into shape! 
I will spare the pictures but's about time. 
5. Relax!
I'm totally hitting the spa and then the MOUNTAIN! I'm in much sadness that I'll be missing the great and many snowboard trips with my friends this year. And the snow is actually decent! And then we'll miss night tubing...oh how sad. But it's okay. We'll find more friends to introduce it to.
6. Finally buy a stinkin' camera!
I can't post or scrapbook anything if I don't have a camera.

So those are the plans... and they are easy to accomplish! And as my friends slowly migrate back to Henderson, I will be the one to arrange dinner dates around. We'll be back in the Spring!