Sunday, August 8, 2010

july is gone and august is here!

And again I post with no pictures because 1) our computer had a major malfunction and the more recent pictures are gone 2) I’ve just been too lazy to take pictures.

I’m not so sad that I lost the few pictures I had on that computer. There weren’t a lot and most of them were random. What I’m more sad about is losing all my iTunes. My music is gone. Lots of money gone. The classics: Wilson Phillips, Amy Grant, Tears for Fears, Johnny Cash . The later: Match Box 20/Rob Thomas, Ben Folds, Goo Goo Dolls, Good Charlotte, Rascal Flatts, Faith Hill. The latest: Kris Allen, Michael Buble, Plain White T’s, John Mayer. Oh I could go on. Sadness. The lesson learned. Use Time Machine today, not tomorrow.

On a happy note:

We have community BBQs all the time. The invitation is pretty much to anyone and everyone. We provide the grill they provide their own meat. We’ll sit around and chat for hours and eat until we’re about to explode. It’s nice to live in an area where you actually get to know your neighbors.

We had a great Pioneer Day on the 24th! Surprisingly the wards up here don’t participate in the traditional get together celebration. Being the Activity Leaders and have helped with the best Pioneer Day celebration in Las Vegas (North Las Vegas Stake has the best celebration in Las Vegas – hands down) we couldn’t pass this chance up. We had homemade stews, rolls, side salads, dutch oven potatoes and desserts, more desserts, lemon aid, and homemade root beer. We had people playing their guitars, kids on the playground, sack races, kick ball, and a cupcake walk. Some families even did a small “trek” in the wooded area. The turnout was amazing and everyone had a great time.

Jacob is a year older. We celebrated in style . . . presents, dinner with the folks, cobbler for dessert, ice cream cake for dessert! He played golf with his buddies and relaxed at home. That following weekend we had a birthday BBQ which was no different than any other except there was cake!

Jake’s parents brought up some peaches! Yahoo! We managed to get them all peeled and frozen before they went bad. We’ve already had some yummy peach enchiladas and a smoothie every morning. We are going through them quick! They also brought zucchini but that was gone within a couple of days! Our tomato plants are getting HUGE. There are tons of tomatoes but they’re still green. Ugh. I’m a very impatient farmer. We do have three bell peppers growing too! Our herbs have been harvested this year and we should be stocked up until next.

Well, I think that’s all I can think of. Maybe next time I’ll post a picture or ten.