Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a mush pot of our lives

Where have we been? Sometimes I wonder that too but we really have accomplished a great deal in the last two months.

Like everyone else another semester is over. That's a great relief. Jacob's feet still haven't hit the ground since he found out he got a 100% on his final. Not curved. I guess I would be up there too. He keeps talking about framing it. I'm not sure we'll go that far.
This is at Spokane Falls.

My schedule changed from days to swing. I love not getting up to an alarm clock. We seem to do more before I head out to work. We manage to run, take the dogs to the dog park, and run errands all before lunch. That always seems nice to get out of the way first thing.

We went to the doctors AGAIN. In April the news went from "you can have kids" to "Jacob might have a tumor in his brain". He has low testosterone and high prolactin which is an indicator of a tumor in the brain. After a MRI it was determined the only thing odd up there is a small cyst in his sinus area. That was a big relief. We were referred to an Endocrinologist in Spokane and now Jacob is back to giving more blood. After they balance all of his hormones out we'll be parents in no time (or at least heading in that direction).

We visited the Brashear family last weekend. We had a few fierce games of Lasso Golf, ate scrumptious food, and laughed a bunch. It was well worth the drive!

We drove to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho after a doctor's visit in Spokane, WA. It is a very pretty town. We stopped at Lake Coeur d'Alene and enjoyed the great outdoors. We always fall in love with places in the spring and summer. Maybe we should vacation more in the fall and winter.

I like moose.

I officially learned how to use my Embroidery Module on my Bernina. It's amazing. I'm in love. Although I have found something just as tedious as weeding vinyl. It's removing the drag (or string) between the letters or pictures on embroidery. Ugh it can get nerve racking. Jacob was afraid I was going to embroider every towel and shirt in the house. I didn't.

Now that the weather is nice we can start marking things off of our check list.
  • We're going to extend our running route.
  • We're going to bike to Idaho and back and not turn around half way. (it's only 8 miles one way)
  • We'll be camping/hiking Hells Canyon and hopefully master the area.
  • We're getting ready to plant our veggies!
  • We're looking forward to harvesting peaches!
  • We'll be going to many Saturday's Markets too!

I think that sums it all up. Hopefully I'll have more to update in May and June!