Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Vegas Vacation

In April we took a trip to Vegas to visit family and friends.
It started out a little rocky by almost missing our flight there,
Waiting over an hour for our rental car,
Paying extra for coverage we didn't need on our rental car,
Finding out my phone broke and I was unable to call or get any numbers of my friends or family,
and we were starving!

But once we were there we had a blast!
We hung out with Mom and Brian.
We forgot to take pictures with all of our friends but . . .
Stayed with our favorite family and played with these awesome kids!
We cruised the strip once.
Ate at restaurants we don't have
(Claim Jumper, Fuddruckers, Smash Burger, some taco joint, etc.)

Went to places that weren't complete when we left.
(Hoover Dam and City Center)

And then flew back home to a little more color.
I had forgot how brown Vegas is.
We had a lay over in Seattle and decided to take advantage of the restaurants there too!
Jake about to enjoy Swordfish at Anthony's.

From Seattle to the Tri-Cities we got to fly on a new plane! It was only two weeks old and smelled so nice!

Even though it started out rocky we ended up having a great time. I was able to meet up with my friends, see family, and relax. In the end it was pretty stress free and relaxing.

On to our next adventure.