Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Winter Love

When it is so cold and I can't manage to get myself warm with out aid of Starbucks, something is wrong! I LOVE the Carmel Apple Ciders! Although I only get them once in awhile, it's the best spent $2.80. I'm now experimenting with my own recipe of Carmel and appel cider - move over Starbucks. (just an FYI - this doesn't help the figure either...)

Friday, October 3, 2008


There are not many people in the world that they can honestly say that they've been friends with FOREVER. I'm one of the luckiest people to say that there are a group of us that have been friends FOREVER! I started to realize this when I filled out an application that asked for references and years known. Sometimes I have to sit and do the calculations! So I decided to post on my friends. Those that I have known FOREVER.
Britney (Scoble), Me, Melissa (Gibson), Jill (Hales), Amy (Crum), and Sara (Sorensen) - not pictured!

Britney - I have known Britney since Kindergarten. Wow 21 years! We were in the same classes growing up and I pretty much lived at the Scoble's house. We've had sleep-overs, birthday parties, movie dates, played soccer together, and so much more. During High School we hung out on the stairs in the cafeteria every morning. We hung out after school on occasion but it was mainly big events like Reverse dances, soccer games, football games, and birthday parties, but we've always been friends. I remember going toilet papering for the first time with Britney - getting caught and running through the desert! We played board games like they were going out of style! Her mom makes the best crepes, her sisters are hilarious, and her brothers aren't so little anymore! She now has the cutest little girl and is being well taken care of by her husband in Utah!

Melissa - I've know Melissa since the second grade! We've also been in the same classes and played soccer and ran cross country together (Good 'ol Coach Spitty!). We did some pretty dumb stuff together in high school. I'm pretty sure we should be dead or in jail for reckless driving! Melissa cut and dyed my hair, we did home ear piercings, we went to girls camp together, we tortured her sister and friends, we went swimming and tanning on the trampoline, we had sleep overs, stalked the boys, and hung out all the time. Sonic was a staple in our diet and stay clear of Olean chips! Melissa was the first of our friends to venture out and get married. Now she has a little girl that looks so much like her! On top of all of that, she back living in H-town!

Jill - Jill has this will power like I've never seen. Jill looks amazing. She's lost so much weight (in a healthy and good way) and makes me look lazy and pathetic. Jill and I started hanging out in the second grade. I remember when I was at Jill's house and her brother locked us in her bedroom - so we climbed out the window! There also was a time I jumped from Jills balcony to the basement and landed on the chair - her parents would have killed me! I wasn't the best influence on my friends! Jill used to be in love with N'SYNC. We would go to the store and cut out pictures and post them on her wall. She had a shrine! Hahaha. We've had many discussions on boys!

Amy - Amy and I pretty much dated the same boys. I think I always dated her sloppy seconds! I must have been the rebound! Although it's safe to say, I've never dated her husband and she never dated mine! We didn't really start hanging out until high school but I remember when Amy moved here from New Mexico. I think we were in 7th grade. In high school we just clicked. When I went on my 1st date (with Tim Gansen), we ran into Amy and Matt Harris - this made my date a little less awkward! Amy and I played soccer together, did the Reverse Dance thing together, and sat in seminary together. Amy's Uncle was our seminary teacher - he was pretty cool. Until the invention of the blog, Jill was my "Amy update"! Amy's little girl is so tall and is pretty freakin' smart!

Sara - Sara and I have been friends since High School. I remember Sara in Jr. High but not very much. We did everything together in high school. We went to the dances, played soccer, hung out after school, stalked the boys, did the slumber party thing, and went to Sonic, Taco Bell, and Wendy's all the time! One time, we made up our own game of water polo - it was amazing. We would go watch her brother (and Chet!) play hockey. She learned how to drive the Subi with me as a passenger! We think we are hilarious! We scared her sister and friends so good in the basement - I wish I would have recorded it! Sara made me a blanket one year, we still use it! I sent a singing telegram to Derek (from Sara) and Jeremiah Neil sent one to Sara (from Derek) and they didn't figure it out until that night! Boy that was good! I could seriously go on and on with how much fun we've had and the countless hours of talks! We don't get together that often but we still talk all the time.

The best part about growing up is that I still have these friends. I remember people telling me "when you grown up you won't have the same friends as when you were little". It's good to know they were wrong. Maybe it's because of the Internet - maybe not. There have been the friends that have come and gone but we've really all stuck together. Even those that leave, we still get the updates of what they are doing every once in awhile. So until the next shin-dig. Peace out.