Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Our cute nieces and nephew!

Yeah...we're moving to where it's green!

The Goonies House

Megan's freak cat! It has thumbs!! Hurley is really cute and nice though. And yes he's real!

Beach houses near Cannon Beach. These have amazing views!

You have to leave your mark there too!

At the camp fire - with the rotisserie marshmallower John made!

Tattoos from Saturdays' Market. This lady was making bank! We paid her $15 (for both of us) and we were only there for probably 5 minutes. You had to put your name on a list! Crazy busy!

This picture carries a million memories alone! Brian, Jake, and Dad Brashear thought it would be a good idea to fix the pond scum bridge to the dock! Jake held Dad's hand as he reached out and drug it back in. It probably weighed 300 lbs wet! They struggled to pull it out but managed to get it up and functioning. Jake gave us a good laugh when he started gagging when he was splashed with nasty pond water and managed to get it on his shirt! Wonder if the bridge is still up?

Family shots...

Brian, Paige, Dad Brashear, Megan, me, Jake, Katie, and Brandon
Posing by the Underground Tour location. 

Alotto Gelato - SO GOOD!

Amazing beach and mountain view from the road!

Me, Brian, and Brandon - We all married in! No Refunds...?

Before we walked to Haystack Rock (between Megan and I)

Great Eatery...

An intense game of the Simpsons! This is at a huge arcade in Seaside.

The family portrait!

Just before we cheese-out at the Tillamook Cheese Factory. I ate squeaky cheese and pigged out on ice cream! 

Pictures of Nature

this sunset was amazing! I was blown away that the sun went down at 9:15 p.m. It was freezing too!

This was only one of 5 or 6 water falls! It was huge and we hiked to the bridge!

Vacation is over...but not forgotten

So after a week and a half away from Vegas...it's hard to come back. Jake and I flew to Washington and drove with his parents to the Oregon coast for a family vacation. We had a blast! We went to Cannon Beach and saw the anemones and star fish at Haystack Rock. We also went to Seaside to eat, shop, and play in the amazing arcade! We played games at the cottage like bocce (I wasn't so good in grass!), kickball, and frisbee. Not to mention the dice game Greed and the card game Spite and Malice. We went to Astoria, saw the Goonies House, the school from Kindergarden Cop, and one Sea Lion. We ate a ton of good food and they say the Clam Chowder is amazing there - if I wasn't allergic I may have tried it. We watched Brashear home movies, went shopping, had a camp fire (and sang songs!), and ate some more! We celebrated 5 birthdays too. We went into Portland and got to go in the underground tunnels. A must if you're going there. We also went to the Portland's Saturday Market. This was a free loving market. A vast variety of people and junk/crafts for sale. On the way home we stopped by these amazing waterfalls! I'm in love with Oregon. Yep it's official. It's green, the weather is better then HEAT, and I can people watch every where I go! The only problem on the vacation was - I dropped our camera in the ocean! It never worked again after it was dried out so we had to toss it. So thanks to the rest of the family - these pictures are borrowed! 

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Unlucky. Truly there really isn't a better word to describe our family. It's only Tuesday and I'm already posting!! Only this is to inform everyone that we are rather unlucky and if you are hoping for any bit of luck - stay clear! It starts out with an accident, being locked out of the house, and then a giant miscalculation of funds in the budget. First things first, Jake called me today and all I could hear was, "Ma'am I am SO sorry. Are you okay?" repeated like 3 times. Then he realizes I picked up the phone and tells me that he's been in an accident and he'll call me back. All I could think of was that it was his fault and we'll be sued because that's what people do in America. Well, it turns out that Yes it was fault but as of right now we're not being sued. The lady t-boned Jake as he was making a left hand turn. Lesson for everyone - when you're crossing traffic and cars that are backed up let you squeeze through, the right lane might not stop. Not only that if a guy on a bike decides to cross the entry of where you're turning into he might just jump off his bike and toss it in front of your car - causing you to stop and the lady in the van to slam into the side of your car. Welcome to Las Vegas. P.S. both passengers doors are not able to open and I now sit in the back. Bad luck - 1 Brashear's - 0. So after zooming over to my dad's house to eat dinner we came home stuffed and ready to relax. Only to realize that I had taken the house key off of the key chain and we were locked out. Nobody in the family has a spare. So, we hop the fence, take a piece of firewood from the pit, reach through the dog door, and swing it up to hit the lock. After a few tries...Success! Hopefully the neighbor rats didn't watch - but most likely the did. Bad luck - 2 Brashear's - 0. Lastly when we opened the mail we realize that insurance, registration, increase of rent, and now a $500 deductible is due. On top of the regular bills. This somehow = low funds! Which is always a nice feeling right? Right. Bad luck - 3 Brashear's -0.
On a more positive note, we are truly blessed and have a million things to not go unnoticed but sometimes - just sometimes - it feels like life just SUCKS. Well, now that everyone knows that we are normal and have rough moments, we'll be back in action soon. In fact, this week can only get better! We're leaving town on Saturday.