Thursday, August 4, 2011

Peach Harvest 2011

This last weekend we went down to the Tri-cities to help with the yearly peach harvest.

I love it. Jake bares it.

Here are some peaches waiting to be skinned and sliced.

(Yes that one at the top has been picked a bit by the birds)

This was our production line. A peeler, a slicer, and a bagger!

After mixing in the Fruit Fresh and some sugar they get bagged.

A close up of scrumptiousness.

Final stage - bagged and frozen!

July Birthday Boys

(Brandon, Jacob, and John)

Chatting after dinner and dessert

(Brandon and Katie)

A nice self portrait of Jimmy and I.

Jimmy and Jacob

John and Sally

(This seems to be the best picture I have of the two. Next time I'll try not to snap the picture in mid conversation.)

It was a nice get away. A nice break from the daily grind. A nice visit with the family.

Next adventure: maybe some more camping, the start of school, or the Muddy Buddy.

We'll see.

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