Tuesday, November 15, 2011

ten years ago

It was 10 years ago today I was saying goodbye to my teens. I was living in the green house in Reno, Nevada and having the time of my life. Ten years ago today I made a list of things I had already learned before I turned 20. I won't list all 46 of them but here are a few:

2) Everyone is happier in a clean house.

4) Be friends with everyone - who really cares who is "cool".

7) Don't kiss your best guy friend - it's just weird.

9) Mom always says, "You get what you pay for."

12) Don't cry and run at the same time - it just doesn't work. You can only do one or the other.

15) Date everyone.

19) Learn something from every relationship.

23) Trials aren't bad.

24) Don't do or say anything that you wish you could take back but say enough that you won't regret not saying anything at all.

27) Never wait around for a boy to call.

36) It's actually possible to be friends with an old boy friend. Who cares if it didn't work out.

37) Road trips are fun - NEVER pass them up.

39) Sometimes boys are better friends than boyfriends.

44) Your best friend really is your worst enemy - they know all!

Clearly you can tell my life was centered around boys!

I'll be 30 tomorrow, I'm living with my best friend, and I'm still having the time of my life! As I began my next list of "what I learned by 29" I noticed it went from dating to marriage. Over the last ten years I've seen friends date, marry, split up, divorce, babies being born, some sticking it out, some fight, a partner passes away, couples laughing, some crying . . . you name it. And surprisingly many of my "what I learned by 19" still applied. So to keep the tradition alive here are some of my "what I learned by 29".

1) Families that pray together stay together.

5) I broke rule #7 from "what I learned by 19" - I didn't just kiss my best guy friend but I married him.

7) Right now I'm the perfect parent. Ask me anything.

12) Spouse bashing is totally wrong and inappropriate all the time.

18) You are never too old to go camping!

23) When you're twenty something people tell you "you're so young and just don't know yet". I can't wait to be 30! Then I'll know something.

29) It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got.

31) Sometimes things just don't make sense.

So long 20's. You treated me well.


Andrew and Sara said...

Those are great.....very insightful. Happy birthday!!

Mandy and Alex said...

I love your list. Especially #12 from the old list and #7 from the new list. There are a few things I miss from my 20s. Like the fact that my hair lacked a single strand of grey hair. Or that my boobs were more like chin cushions instead of a belly button accessory. :)